First Aid For Bee & Wasp Stings

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As summers have arrived wasps, sting bees, hornets have also appeared. But they showed their real presence to me by biting at my ankle this evening. I was thinking to write about them but this bite has urged me to do it immediately.

What are the Symptoms?
  • Local Pain, Redness, Swelling & Mild Itching are the common symptoms.
  • The Alarming ones include Generalized Body Swelling, Fainting, Difficulty in Breathing, Severe Itching & if bitten more than 10 times. If you suffer from any of them or have suffered in the past, then you should urgently seek medical attention.

What is the First Aid / Home Treatment?

Google's New Logo is Pac Man Game

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Google's Logo - commonly known as Google's Doodle, is now Pac Man Game published in the 1980. Its the first ever interactive logo of Google & it is to celebrate the 30th birthday of Pac Man game by Namco.

I enjoyed it alot during my childhood days & this 'old is gold' game still competes very well with latest Arcade games.

Another interesting feature is that the 'I am Feeling Lucky' button is changed to 'Insert Coin' button. By clicking twice, 2 players can play simultaneuosly.

So, head on to to recall your old memories & if you have not played it yet, then it is a must check out!

Update: After serving the game for whole week, Google's original logo is back. But you can still play the game here.

World Hypertension Day - 17th May,2010

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Every year World Hypertension Day is oberved on 17th May to raise awareness among people about hypertension and its effects. The theme for todays World Hypertension Day (WHD) is ``Healthy Weight - Healthy Blood Pressure''.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a Global Epidemic and it affects around 1.5 billion people world-wide ,i.e, about 1 in 4 men & women suffer from it. Every year 7 million die because of high blood pressure. It is the biggest risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease & diabetes. Hypertension often has no symptoms & therefore termed as 'Silent Killer'.

The main cause of hypertension today is over-weight & obesity, thats why the theme `Healthy Weight - Healthy Blood Pressure' . Globally over 1 Billion adults are overweight, with at least 300 million of them obese.

What are the limits?
The recommended blood pressures are less than 140/90 mmHg for the general population and for the hypertensive population without any other complications, and less than 130/80 mmHg for those with diabetes mellitus or chronic kidney disease.

So how to tackle this problem?

More Than Half Of Bottled Water Brands In Pakistan Are Unsafe

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In a research conducted by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) from Jan-March '10, it has been concluded that 33 out of 63 brands of bottled water available commercially are Unsafe for health.

The samples were analysed by the ISO-17025 accredited National Water Quality Laboratory in Islamabad for physico-chemicals and microbiological parameters, according to the standards set by World Health Organisation, International Bottled Water Association and the PSQCA. 

The following 22 brands were found to be bacterially contaminated: Elan, Sprinkle, Legend, Alfa, Shahi Avisa, Miracle, Aab-e-Sehat, Keeper, Spring Fresh, DeAar, Asmo, Fresh Lay, Aqua One, Zinpa, Maza, Aspen, Piyass Plus, Pak Crystal, Classic, Aqua Save, Khyber Aqua and Aqua Water.

Apple - iPad - What is iPad?

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In this latest lovely commercial of iPad, Apple explains very intelligently its use in different locations. And mentions about its thickness, weight, user friendliness, applications, multimedia capabilities & battery power.

At first when it was released in Public, I thought its just a bigger version of iPhone. But as it has started to take over the world & after seeing this Ad, I am getting much interested in it.

Health Management System - Online Medical Records For Doctors & Patients

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Health Management System is a Free electronic medical record system launched by a Pakistani company based in Canada. The motivation behind this venture is that the company lost one of it employee in Indonesia because of an incomplete medical record.

The main page says,
Welcome to Health Management System
Patients can keep their medical history stored securely online and retrieve as and when needed,
anywhere in the world, especially during traveling emergencies.
Doctors can keep track of patients' prescriptions, dosage, reports, x-ray and scan imagery and all other medical details.
Doctors can share the complete medical history over a patient's lifetime at the click of a button.
And It's free to the patient.
The following video is about the usage in Urdu,


Do Check Your Medicines Date of Expiry!

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Just back from a pharmacy shop & nothing else is going on in my mind than to write about the experience.

I asked the shopkeeper about a medicine, which he handed over to me, but when I flipped the box to see the expiry date, it said “Date of Expiry - Aug ’09”.The shopkeeper had no answer to my looks but to throw the pack into the dust bin without any hesitation. After this, he uttered that I have not checked them for a long time.
So please beware! Do check your medicines Date of Expiry before taking them with you.

Awesome Images of the Sun by NASA, using SAHA & TRACE

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I have not seen such spectacular images of the Sun's surface before. The video is a treat to watch & the credit goes to NASA.

How To Look Slim In 10 Days

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Guest Post by Saqib Aziz, M.B.B.S Student

It's virtually impossible to lose your obesity in only 10 days. But you can try the following tips to lose a couple of pounds & look slimmer, if you have a big event coming up like a marraige ceremony or any other type of gathering, that you want to look good for.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging.


Things You'll Need:

* water
* fresh fruits and vegetables
* lean meats

1. Drink only water or unsweetened tea. Sodas and juices have a lot of calories. Even diet soda has been known to trigger cravings for sweets. However, drinking water has been shown to speed up your metabolism.

Are Vitamins Really Beneficial?

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Vitamins are the commonly asked for & prescribed medicines these days. Especially in Pakistan, every patient demands them by this phrase, “Doctor Sahab, please give me something for energy & power”. I even remember one of my high school friends, who took 3-4 tablets of his dad’s multi-vitamins before a match of tug -o- war.

But the latest research has shown that they may not be as beneficial as expected. Even some researchers have concluded that the synthetic vitamins are infact harmful to the body. Check out the following video from MSNBC to know the common myths about vitamins.