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More Than Half Of Bottled Water Brands In Pakistan Are Unsafe

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In a research conducted by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) from Jan-March '10, it has been concluded that 33 out of 63 brands of bottled water available commercially are Unsafe for health.

The samples were analysed by the ISO-17025 accredited National Water Quality Laboratory in Islamabad for physico-chemicals and microbiological parameters, according to the standards set by World Health Organisation, International Bottled Water Association and the PSQCA. 

The following 22 brands were found to be bacterially contaminated: Elan, Sprinkle, Legend, Alfa, Shahi Avisa, Miracle, Aab-e-Sehat, Keeper, Spring Fresh, DeAar, Asmo, Fresh Lay, Aqua One, Zinpa, Maza, Aspen, Piyass Plus, Pak Crystal, Classic, Aqua Save, Khyber Aqua and Aqua Water.

And the following 14 brands were found to be chemically contaminated: Alfa, Max Fresh, Pak Crystal, Classic, Nation, Avion, Active, Clean Plus, Aqua Clean, Pacific, Cool, Bake Master, Isberg and Droplet.

Three brands were found unsafe on both counts -- Alfa, Pak Crystal and Classic.

The following brands were declared to be Safe: Gourmet, Berg, Nectar, Nestle, Aquafina, Ripple, Vey, Sparkletts, First Water, Snow Mountain, Pakola Vital, Meme, Kinley, Best Water, Buxton, Culligan, Blue Gold, Better Life, Aqua Link, Natural, Fairmount, Sufi, Unipak Healthy Life, Voila, Pak Pure, Snow Cape, Hamaliyan, Kinza, Golden and Aqua Hygenic. 

You can read the full detailed report (in pdf format) here at this link.

So please make sure that you get a drink which is Safe for your health because the shopkeepers try to sell those bottles in which there is a higher margin of profit but it is You yourself who makes the final decision.

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