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One Day Free Eye Camp at Chakwal

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A one day free eye camp was arranged by our hospital in a Basic Health Unit (BHU), in Chakwal district of Punjab, Pakistan on 9th Dec,2010 & I was asked to be the man in charge. I accepted the offer whole heartedly, as I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new faces & helping others.

A total of about 150 patients were seen. Out of which 70 percent had simple refractive errors & they were un-noticed as they were either unaware of the problem or they didn't had the money to visit a hospital & buy glasses. They inculded mostly young school going boys & girls. Twenty percent of the patients had Cataracts, belonging to the age group of 45-75. Rest 10 percent had minor eye infections.

A group of schools girls who had simple refractive errors
What I obeserved was that early school going kids were the main sufferes & they were mostly neglected because of either lack of attention by their parents or because of the economic conditions. 
And it is these areas, i.e., Health & Education, we need to focus on to compete with other nations of the world.

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