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How To Remain Safe In Heavy Rains & Floods

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Tropical cyclone Phet, has passed over Oman without causing much damage & is expected to hit of Pakistan on Sunday. Nadeem Ahmed, head of the National Disaster Management Agency, Pakistan has told reporters that the storm might prove to be dangerous when it hits our coastal line. So in order to get prepared, I have compiled a list of safety precautions to be observed before, during & after the rains & floods.

Before The Rains & Floods

  • Pack a light weight bag of all the necessary items that you will be needing such as first aid kit, food preferably canned, bottled water, clothes, flash light & any medicines which you are currently on.
  • Set a common meeting point, in case, if any family member gets separated.
  • Get the battery of your mobile phone charged.
  • Move the important objects of your house to the top floor or any other suitable place.
  • Turn off the electrical, gas & water supply of your house.

During The Rains & Floods

  • Always get yourself to a higher area.
  • Don't move in running water, which can make you fall even if it is at the level of your ankle. If you have to move, use a support like a stick.
  • Look before you step, as the ground might be washed away by the flood.
  • Don't drive in floods. If the level of water starts rising, quickly abandon your car & move to a higher place.
  • Stay away from electrical wires.

After The Rains & Floods

  • Step in your house carefull as there may be broken glass, nails or any other pointed object lying around.
  • Boil water before drinking.
  • Use electrical appliances after drying them up.
  • Clean & disinfect everything as they might be contaminated by sewage or chemicals.

Remember: Don't Panic & Try To Make A Wise Decision In Every Situation.

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