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Threadsy an excellent way to pull email, facebook and twitter together!!!

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Threadsy is an excellent way to pull your facebook, twitter updates and emails together on a single page without having to install any application onto your computer.
Simply go to the threadsy website on your browser and it will collect all your emails from various account together and display them in an excellent way in one half of your webpage. the other half of the page will display the updates on your twitter and facebook accounts integration and arranged in a chronological fashion just like the emails from various accounts are integrated in a chronological fashion.
And the best thing about it is that it does all this in such a beautiful fashion that you will not hate the cluttered data on your screen but would rather love it!!!  As you can see in the picture below the avatar of the sender of the email is displayed along with a short preview of the email and so is the case with facebook and twitter updates however this is not all.
Rather then seeing twitpic links you see the actual picture in the timeline which is just awesome take a look at the picture below
And this is not all you also get live updates and a ringing tone when a new email or update comes. And to spice up the things further it also has chat integration with all the popular IM services!!!
So if you want a one screen look at all your social media services just head to threadsy website and signup now!!!
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