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Tips for Surviving Current Heatwave in Pakistan

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Pakistan has been going through a heatwave for the last few days with temperature averaging between 40-45 degree celsius in most cities. A similar heatwave struck Pakistan back in 2015, which killed almost 800 people.

Here are a few tips to lessen the effects of high temperature on the body;

  • Drinking plenty of fluids. The color of urine is a good indicator of the hydration status of the body. The light color the urine, the better the hydration status.
  • Wearing damp clothes, which will help lower the body's temperature.
  • Sticking one's hands in cold water.
  • Placing fans next to windows as this will draw air from outside, which should be cooler.
  • Wearing looser clothes.
  • Having a lukewarm shower rather than a cold one. 
  • Fanning the face rather than other parts of the body.


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