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Three Cases of New Lethal UK Covid-19 variant detected in Pakistan

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The new variant of Covid-19, which started spreading in UK during the past few weeks, has arrived in Pakistan. Sindh Health Department took samples of 12 UK returnees, out of which 6 came out to be positive. Three of them had the new variant of Covid-19. Health Department is tracing contacts of these patients and they are being isolated.

The new strain is 50% more transmissible than the strain, which caused the pandemic and took around 1.78 million lives. This means that we have to be more careful now. Till the vaccines become readily available in Pakistan, people should be even more diligent about preventive measures, i.e., avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks, physical distancing and washing hands.

More details of Preventive Measures can be found at Center of Disease Control website.

Source: Dawn News, Geo News


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