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What an ophthalmologist learnt at a dentist's clinic

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Few days ago, I had root canal  treatment of my molar tooth. It took around 3 sessions for the procedure to complete, of which second session was the most painful. As I went to the dentist's clinic on alternate days from a patient's perspective, few important things tinkered my mind, which I would like to share.

- The environment of the clinic, doctor himself, clinic assistant etc. should be clean and tidy.
- Be straight forward about the state of the disease and don't give false hopes.
- Be fair in telling what you have encountered during the procedure and the results should be properly explained.
- The words should be very careful chosen while talking to the patient.
- Anesthesia should be effective, otherwise the patient will be surely angry at you.
- Don't hurry to finish the case while you get to know that the next patient is waiting.

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