More than 4000 infected and around 50 killed by dengue fever since September in Pakistan

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Dengue has infected around 4000 people and killed 50 people in the last 3 months alone. Although slightly regressed, but even winters are not able to completely halt the activities of the mosquito (Aedes Egypti), which is responsible for the spread of dengue fever.

What is Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is caused by flavivirus which is transfered to Humans by a bite from infected mosquito named Aedes egypti. This mosquito typically bites during day time.


Fever, Malaise, Headache, Skin rash, Petechiae are the most common symptoms. In severe cases, the patient may have bleeding from nose, skin, ear leading to shock.

2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine

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From left: Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof and James E. Rothman.
Three American scientists, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof and James E. Rothman, have been awarded Nobel prize for their breakthrough research work on the transport of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters in form of vesicles within cells. 

The three laureates discovered how these vesicles get to the right parts of the cell at the right times.

Their work can help solve the problem of diabetes ( in which insulin doesn't reach other cells at the right time ), various neurological diseases like schizophrenia, autism and many others.

The three will share 1.2 million dollar of prize money.

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What I like about Ubuntu Edge - a desktop replacement smartphone

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Ubuntu, a Linux based operating system, recently unveiled its smartphone with a set of very smart features.
-It has 4.5 inch screen made of sapphire crystal which the company claims to be resistant to scratches produced by coins and keys.
-128Gb space plus 4Gb Ram.

New Factor For The Growth of Abnormal Blood Vessels Identified

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Abnormal blood vessels are the characteristic feature of cancer, neovascular AMD and atherosclerosis.

Previous studies have found Vascular Endothelial Factor (VEGF) to be responsible for the development of abnormal blood vessels but now a new protein LRG1 has also been identified to be the cause of abnormal angiogenesis, according to a study published in journal Nature.

As LRG1 is characteristically responsible for abnormal blood vessels, developing a target therapy against it wouldn't harm the normal vessels, which seems to be very promising.

Read more at Medical News Today.
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A ship that flips from horizontal to vertical

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This amazing flipping ship ( officially called as FLIP = FL oating I nstrument P latform) is owned by US Navy and is able to to flip from being horizontal to vertical. As the ship flips, all the stuff gets aligned in the new position to the slightest detail even a ketchup bottle.

The project started in 1962 and it is celebrating its 50th birthday.

FLIP is designed to study wave height, acoustic signals, water temperature and density, and for the collection of meteorological data.

Watch this awesome BBC Video clip about it or Read more at Wikipedia.

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World Thalassemia Day - 8th May 2013

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Every year, World Thalassemia Day is observed on 8th May to spread awareness about this inheritable blood disease.
Thalassemia is a blood disorder characterized by abnormal form of hemoglobin, a blood protein whose function is to carry oxygen to the tissues.
It is a inheritable disease, means it is transfered from the parents to the children if either of the parents is affected.
According to Thalassemia International Foundation, currently there are 150890 people living with Thalassemia in south asia and 45346 babies are born with this disease every year.
The theme for 2013 is ' The right for quality health care for every patient with thalassemia major and beyond '.

An Inspirational Story of a Woman born Without Arms

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Jessica Cox is a 30 year old woman, having double black belt in Taekwondo, drives car, plays piano and a Guinness world record holder for flying plane, all which she does without arms.

Watch her inspiring documentary at BBC

Really liked her words, 
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% the way you respond."
She has been to 18 countries as a motivational speaker.

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