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Bad Taste In Mouth As A Result Of Smoking

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Normal Taste Receptor Location On Tongue
Last week, one of my cousin called and said I have been having very bad taste in mouth for the last few days & it has made my life miserable. I have been eating chocolates, sweets etc but of no use. They all give the same bad taste ( known as dysgeusia ). 

Upon inquiring, he told me that he has quit smoking, which he was doing for last 15 years, & after that he was facing this problem. Actually he has damaged taste receptors on his tongue due to smoking, so all things felt the same. I reassured & told him that Thanks to Almighty Taste Receptors have got ability of regeneration & you will soon get your taste back in 2-3 weeks time, meanwhile you have to
- Avoid artificial flavors, spices and all the synthetic chemicals.
- Take fresh fruits, vegetables & yogurt.

Now, he has responded that 80% of my taste is back in a week's time.

Read more about Bad Taste at MSN health.

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