Diabetics may soon be having single insulin injection in 120 days

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Diabetics, who are dependent on insulin to control their blood sugar levels, often find it irritating to prick themselves daily. But these days of pain might be over soon.
A team of scientists at the National Institute of Immunology, India led by its Director Avadhesha Surolia, have developed a technique by which it may be possible for patients to take a shot of insulin just once every four to five months.
The team achieved this without the use of any chemical additives or a device such as a pump or a patch. Their technique primarily involved getting individual molecules of insulin to come together and form multi-molecular complexes, which slowly un-fold & yield insulin.

Some Amazing Facts

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In olden times, people used to have hidden tattooed messages on their scalp, which were revealed only when they shaved their heads.

A company called Intellectual Ventures, in order to prevent malaria in African countries, is working on a fake blood product, which can be placed outside villages, so that mosquitoes can suck on them instead of normal humans. In African countries, about 1 million children die every year of Malaria.

5hrs 27mins is the time average web user spent on social networking sites in February '10, up two hours from February '09.

52% of social networking users posted sensitive information online last year.

Scientifically, one second is equal to 9,192,631,770 times oscillations of cesium atom.