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Stress Management

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Stress is a very common problem in the modern day and there are a number simple ways we can manage stress.
First and foremost we have to identify the source of stress. Not recognizing and addressing the cause of our stress is the most common reason why we fail in our efforts of getting rid of stress. By recognizing and addressing the cause of our stress we can go a long way in leading a stress free life. If your doing a job that your not good at you will most definitely have a stressful time. Similarly if your studying a subject you don't like you will most likely be stressed about it. following our passion and realizing our potential are one of the most important contributors to a blissful life.
A healthy body will contribute a great deal to a stress free life. By being physically fit and having a good self esteem can go a long way in leading a happy life. Exercise is the key here. A good morning walk can go a long way in a good start to the day. It will keep you energized and fresh the whole day and a walk in the evening will help you get rid of all the stresses of the day.
Proper sleep can go a long way in improving your mental health. An adult requires about 8 hours daily of sleep and this does not mean bits of sleeps but a good night sleep. Similarly eating a healthy balanced diet including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with fresh fruit juices coupled with rational use of tea and coffee and contribute substantially to a good life,
A good circle of friends with whom you can share every problem in your life and ask for sincere advise can be a valuable asset in leading a blissful life. Support of family and friends is crucial in times of stress. support of parents and spouses and really make a difference in peoples life.
Involving oneself in activates like blogging can really help people express their ideas and can go a long way in venting out the stresses of life. A game of tennis similarly can help channel the anger and frustration in a positive way and make us get rid of our daily stresses. Keeping one busy in multiple activates can  help us overcome stress we get in one place. This is why social networking is catching on. People try to distance themselves from their daily lives and find solace in the online world. They can find more appreciation here or can develop new passion in the online world.
Yoga and other forms of meditations can contribute a great deal to destress you. It helps you focus on your inner spiritual being and connect with your soul. Sometimes it becomes very important to get away from this world and its stress and focus on your inner spirit. Prayers like Namaz  can be a great source of disconnecting with the world and making a link with your God. Religion and religious practices have a profound impact on our psychological health. there are many things in our life over which we have no control. By submitting ourselves to a higher being and having faith in God can help fulfill the spiritual needs of our soul.
In medicine people are divided into two groups. Type A personality group are always in stress, fiercely competitive, sensitive while Type B personalities are happy go lucky fellow who take life easy and never take tension. This is genetic to some extent but our environment can also influence it a lot. We have to realize that its impossible that we will never be stressed. Keeping very high goals can make us disillusioned and stressed out. Being rational, pragmatic and keeping expectations low can help us build our morale and a positive attitude towards life.
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