How to apply, remove and care for contact lenses

Thursday, February 13, 2014 View Comments

Contact lenses have become fairly common now, especially the cosmetic ones. But still people, even the highly educated ones, don't know how to care for them.
This video by Bausch & Lomb gives an excellent demonstration on how to apply, remove and care for them. Although I personally don't like to promote any specific brand but the video prepared by them is impressive and should be shared.

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What an ophthalmologist learnt at a dentist's clinic

Monday, January 27, 2014 View Comments

Few days ago, I had root canal  treatment of my molar tooth. It took around 3 sessions for the procedure to complete, of which second session was the most painful. As I went to the dentist's clinic on alternate days from a patient's perspective, few important things tinkered my mind, which I would like to share.

- The environment of the clinic, doctor himself, clinic assistant etc. should be clean and tidy.
- Be straight forward about the state of the disease and don't give false hopes.
- Be fair in telling what you have encountered during the procedure and the results should be properly explained.
- The words should be very careful chosen while talking to the patient.
- Anesthesia should be effective, otherwise the patient will be surely angry at you.
- Don't hurry to finish the case while you get to know that the next patient is waiting.

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