Pakistani Student Sets World Record

Friday, May 25, 2012 View Comments

Mr. Shayan Anique Akhtar, a Pakistani student in Microsoft Professional Certificate programme , has set a world record by scoring 998 marks out of 1000. His achievement has made way into Guinness Book of World Records.
It is also said that he is set up to meet the Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates this July.
Shayan, you have really made us proud and we wish you a wonderful future.

Source: The News, Times of India

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World Thalassemia Day - What you should know !

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 View Comments
World Thalassemia Day was observed on 8th May, 2012 to spread awareness about this inheritable blood disease.
Thalassemia is a blood disorder characterized by abnormal form of hemoglobin, a blood protein whose function is to carry oxygen to the tissues.
It is a inheritable disease, means it is transfered from the parents to the children if either of the parents is affected.
In Pakistan, according to unofficial stats about 1 million people suffer from this disease.

Hemoglobin protein has got two types of chains,
Alpha chain : whose deficiency results in Alpha Thalassemia.
Beta chain : whose deficiency results in Beta Thalassemia.
Thalassemia major results from complete absence of either of two chains, and in Thalassemia minor there is decreased production of one of them.