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How to Prevent Eye Strain in Computer & Mobile Users

As the time is passing by, we are becoming more & more dependent on computers & mobiles, both for work and entertainment. Although,...

Dr. Faisal Kashif has devised a non-invasive method for measuring the intra-cranial pressure for his PhD thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Information Technology (MIT).  

Recording of Intracranial pressure ( pressure inside the skull ) is very necessary in injuries, tumours of the brain to know its viability & blood supply. But the current methods are invasive & require drilling a hole in the skull.

But Dr. Kashif has came up with a way to measure the pressure on basis of physical signs & then analysing them through a mathematical model.

His team is soon going to develop a machine for it.

In a study conducted by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Denmark on 350,000 people which followed them for 18 years, it was concluded that there is no link between mobile phones & cancer.

As the usage of mobile phones have soared up during the last few decades, many people started discussing that they might be causing cancers but the latest study has proved otherwise.

It is still said that mobile phone usage should be kept less as much as possible to avoid any other unknown  effects on the body.
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