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In a recent study published in Science Translational Medicine, researches have showed that benefits of painkillers can be boosted or completely wiped out by manipulating the expectations of the patients.

Heat was applied to the legs of 22 patients, who were asked to report the level of pain on a scale of one to 100. They were also attached to an intravenous drip, so drugs could be administered secretly.
The initial average pain rating was 66. Patients were then given a potent painkiller, remifentanil, without their knowledge and the pain score went down to 55.
They were then told they were being given a painkiller and the score went down to 39.
Then, without changing the dose, the patients were then told the painkiller had been withdrawn and to expect pain, and the score went up to 64.
So even though the patients were being given remifentanil, they were reporting the same level of pain as when they were getting no drugs at all.
Chris Wild, Director of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC, talking on World Cancer Day ( Feb 4th ) said that the research over the last 20 years indicates that low levels of physical activity are associated with a high risk of colon cancer and there is also reasonably strong evidence that the same is true for breast cancer.
It is estimated that between 165,000 to 330,000 cases of cancer could have been prevented in 2008 if the population had maintained sufficient levels of physical activity.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7.6 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2008. Tobacco, alcohol, poor diet and too much sun exposure are linked to cancer. Chronic infections with viruses such as those which cause Hepatitis B and C or human papiloma virus are also risk factors for cancer.

Few days ago, I was sitting in my Medical Officer room, preparing list of patients who were to be operated the next day. A woman of medium stature having fair complexion, appearing to be in late 40's entered the room & greeted me with a smile. She then handed over the file & I started to enroll her for the OT list. She was going to have Phacoemulsification of her left eye cataract with an intraocular lens implant.
She asked me, " How long will be my stay ? " 
I replied, " You will be admitted today, operated tomorrow & discharged day after tomorrow. "
She responded, " But I want to be operated today & discharged as soon as possible. "
I replied that it is not possible because of the patient load & you have to stay here for 2 days. Then I asked why there was too much urgency.
She said after taking a deep breath, " I have come alone & also there is no one at home to care for my family. I have prepared 1 day's meal for them so that they can consume it during my absence. "
I asked, " Why you have come alone & there is no one at home? "
She replied, " The reason I have come alone is that we are very poor. When we had bungalows, cars & every luxury of life, everyone wanted to be with us & enjoyed our gatherings. But now when everything is gone, no one comes to see us. " 
As she started to unfold her story, expressions of grief on her face, gradually became more prominent.
She continued, " I have a husband & two sons at home. My husband is a patient of congestive cardiac failure & is suffering from Tuberculosis these days. My sons are 14 & 12 year old. I have been facing problems since the start of my marriage. When I got married, my lower limbs lost their function due to unknown reasons & I spent 7 years in bed after which I recovered. I didn't had any babies during this time. After this, I had 4 Cesarean sections leading to 4 babies, but 2 of them died. After that I had Myomectomy ( benign tumour of uterus, removed by surgery ) which didn't yield significant results & was latter followed by Hystrectomty ( complete surgical removal of the uterus ). Now I suffer from diabetes & hypertension for last few years. And the reason, I am here is that the cataract of my left eye is causing a disturbance in my daily left activities, as I am the lone carer of myself, my husband & my sons, besides Almighty Allah." 
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